Sodis Vita tekening-71

.. we have so little knowledge of the actual state of affairs i.e. before and after death are completely utterly unknown to us just as our place here on this floating thing in the middle of this vast huge expanse…still we are so bussy with the crums in the corners of our pockets .. “… when everything is perfected, we are in the state of the great Bindu. ( Tigle ) In this we are not alone..there is no unity in this, but it is something that is not plural. This is our true heart. It is blissful in just what it is. In this there has never been a duality of Buddha’s and Sentient Beings. This is called soaring through the sky with the perfect wings of the view…” from: Ten Early Tantra’s of the Great Perfection. Translated and published by Christopher Wilkinson.

Categorieën: Beeldende kunst, Boeddhisme

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