The Buddha often spoke of experience comprising of five khandhā or aggregates.
The khandhā, sometimes thought of as components that come together to make an individual, are made up of:
Conditioning activities
Interestingly, as well as factors of identity, they can also be seen to cover all conditioned experience. When clung to, the khandhā can increase our feeling of ‘self’ or ‘other’, and in turn, when not clung to, they can help to liberate ourselves from this sense.
This course will encourage us to explore the meaning of the terms, experience how they operate and direct them towards liberation.
Time will include meditation periods, talks and dialogue
ITC- Naarden
Meentweg 9, Naarden, Noord-Holland, 1411, Netherlands
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26 augustus 2019 - 31 augustus 2019: 16:00 - 14:00

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Internationaal Theosofisch Centrum (Naarden)

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